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[sticky post] A Swytla WordPress Blog

I’ve set up a blog on WordPress, partly because I felt I’d reach more people this way, partly because I wanted to back-up all my posts. I’d also like to post my stories again there, so that people who are reluctant to read them on fanfiction.net can enjoy them too. It’s also far easier to post there – LiveJournal has been playing tricks on me regularly – disappearing letters and video content, not working LJ-cuts, changing size of letters (that won't change upon clicking the size button), merging of paragraphs, and so on... I’d like to post things fast and easy, thank-you-very-much.

On the other hand, I’m still new at WordPress, so I’m a bit lost there at times – so many options, so many little tricks! *shakes head* I’ve spent a large chunk of my weekend going through my imported posts there, setting up categories, tags, and featured images... I’m still going to tweak things here and there, but I’m satisfied with the look so far.

I’m thinking of expanding my posts a bit too – maybe a ‘Bookshelf Report’ that would give you an idea of what I’m reading currently, what books find themselves on my favourite list, and so forth. No worries - I'm still going to post here - I can't change everyhting on a whim, can I?

My WordPress blog can be found here: