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Masterpost: Another Kind of a Fan

Title: Another Kind of a Fan
Characters: Dr.Reid, the BAU team, an OFC and a series of police officers
Word count: nknown - WIP
Ratings: R (language, violence, death)
Warnings/Spoilers: Post Season 5
Disclaimer: Without Prejudice. The names of all characters contained here-in are the property of CBS. No Infringments of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission. All original characters (Matty, Detective McRae, Officer Miller and Luca) are mine own creations. Please treat them kindly.
Summary: The team is faced with bizarre murders connected only by their strangeness, but no one could have predicted they were inspired by a lengthy fan-fiction. The woman writing it might be the only clue to solving the mystery, but she is not happy with the BAU disrupting her life. Could it take a resident genius to build rapport with her?
Author's Note: An update every two weeks on a Monday! :D
ETA: on hold for now... will update after RL gives me a breather...

( Chapter One ) ( Chapter Two )