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I’ve set up a blog on WordPress, partly because I felt I’d reach more people this way, partly because I wanted to back-up all my posts. I’d also like to post my stories again there, so that people who are reluctant to read them on fanfiction.net can enjoy them too. It’s also far easier to post there – LiveJournal has been playing tricks on me regularly – disappearing letters and video content, not working LJ-cuts, changing size of letters (that won't change upon clicking the size button), merging of paragraphs, and so on... I’d like to post things fast and easy, thank-you-very-much.

On the other hand, I’m still new at WordPress, so I’m a bit lost there at times – so many options, so many little tricks! *shakes head* I’ve spent a large chunk of my weekend going through my imported posts there, setting up categories, tags, and featured images... I’m still going to tweak things here and there, but I’m satisfied with the look so far.

I’m thinking of expanding my posts a bit too – maybe a ‘Bookshelf Report’ that would give you an idea of what I’m reading currently, what books find themselves on my favourite list, and so forth. No worries - I'm still going to post here - I can't change everyhting on a whim, can I?

My WordPress blog can be found here:

Masterpost: Another Kind of a Fan

Title: Another Kind of a Fan
Characters: Dr.Reid, the BAU team, an OFC and a series of police officers
Word count: nknown - WIP
Ratings: R (language, violence, death)
Warnings/Spoilers: Post Season 5
Disclaimer: Without Prejudice. The names of all characters contained here-in are the property of CBS. No Infringments of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission. All original characters (Matty, Detective McRae, Officer Miller and Luca) are mine own creations. Please treat them kindly.
Summary: The team is faced with bizarre murders connected only by their strangeness, but no one could have predicted they were inspired by a lengthy fan-fiction. The woman writing it might be the only clue to solving the mystery, but she is not happy with the BAU disrupting her life. Could it take a resident genius to build rapport with her?
Author's Note: An update every two weeks on a Monday! :D
ETA: on hold for now... will update after RL gives me a breather...

( Chapter One ) ( Chapter Two )

Tv Ramblings 10 - Doctor Who

I love this crazy BBC TV series! :D I’ve started watching it in late October and now reached the latest episodes of season 7. It’s been a hell of a ride and I feel kind of bad for not watching it before. It’s got so many things I find of interest – space, history, time travel, foreign planets, aliens, mysteries and crime solving... there’s so much in this series that you’ll never be bored. You might get overwhelmed by the turns and twist, by the techno-babble and all kinds of aliens you get to see; understand one thing though – you’ll either love or hate this series.  I think there’s no way you can only ‘like it’, watch it ‘occasionally’, or be in any way just half committed to it. I’m certainly a fan. I am writing a long post about the series, aren’t I? And I have seriously considered crochet pattern Daleks on Ravelry, if you must know... if that isn’t a sign of being a fan, I don’t know what is.


The Doctors through the years


Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond inside the TARDIS

Doctor Who has a very long history; in fact year 2013 is its 50th anniversary, so you can imagine how important this series must be to the BBC and the large number of loyal fans. People are excited about any bit of information they can get. And Tumblr is full of blogs about the show, photos, gifs, and confessions about the series... So what is it all about?

Doctor Who is a series about a time-travelling space-exploring alien called the Doctor (he never, ever reveals his real name and people’s confusion about that gave the show its title – “Doctor Who?”). He belongs to an ancient race called the Time Lords who look just like us (though he will claim we look Time Lord), the difference being that they have two hearts, sharper senses and the ability to regenerate. The latter is the reason why so many actors have successfully portrayed the Doctor through the years and why the series is so popular. In essence, his entire personality and body undergo a transformation. The one constant is his ship the TARDIS, fascination with the universe, knowledge about all kinds of stuff, a need for companions, a strong sense of morals, and an unusual sense of humour.





My favourite Doctor is still and probably always will be Ten (played by the amazing David Tennant), with my favourite companion being Donna Noble (Catherine Tate). I was in such a shock once they were written out of the series that I couldn’t bear watching the next season. It was just too painful to see a completely new Doctor and companions. It took me about a month or two (and copious amounts of shippy fanfiction, Torchwood, and other series) to feel ready to tackle the new adventures of our favourite alien. I do adore Matt Smith and his portrayal of the Doctor, but I’m not in love with him as I am with David. Sorry, my heart broke with Ten. Eleven is a delectable, cute young professor type, just not the same as the loud, funny, and foxy Tenth Doctor.


Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble

Since this sci-fi show belongs to my all-time favourites, I’m going to write a post for each season: expect lots of spoilers, honest opinions on characters and their actions, some grumbling about plot points, lots of aliens, and short clips with the best of the season (courtesy of YouTube and loyal fans). It’s going to be fun.

Trailer for seasons 1-7 (with some spoilers):

Here are some links with further information on the TV series:

And just for fun - a video from the Idea Channel:  Is Doctor Who a religion?

Newspaper Finds 01 - The Lying Disease

[The Stranger - Seattle Newspaper]

The Lying Disease by Cienna Madrid

It’s a startling account of the phenomena I’ve first heard of years ago after a woman was found out to be lying about her illness in order to get her dream wedding. The people and businesses donating the money and services needed were incensed at the fraud, but I was just horrified. I knew that many people would think twice before donating money again and that could seriously hurt genuine cancer patients.

This article offers some valuable insights into the complicated mental disorder responsible for the people (predominately women) who pretend to be seriously ill on internet forums and blogs. I recommend you read it – it’s certainly an eye-opener.


Song of the Week – 14

I love this song and I always return to it. It’s a beautiful piece of music with a soothing melody, even a dreamlike quality that goes so well with Sting’s voice. It could be said that it is kind of melancholic, as goodbye messages ultimately are, but the melody makes it a positive song. It is a declaration of love, of wonderful times in the height of summer, but also a reminder that she remember him. In its essence it is a song about the eternal quality of life and love, of cycles coming and going, and of the way nothing can diminish these experiences, not even death.  

Song of the week is:
Sting – Fields of Gold

Song of the Week – 13

The newest single Pink released is brilliant! I love the song and its quirky beat. It gets into your ear and doesn’t release you. I’ve been heard humming it these last few days. It’s a great way to keep your spirit up when shovelling the latest batch of snow. I’m despairing of ever seeing spring again...the weather's just being mean. I want my flowers!

Pink is still one of my favourite singers - keep going girl!

Song of the week is:
Pink feat. Nate Ruess – Just Give Me a Reason

Popcorn Bowl 07 – The Handmaid's Tale


I’ve wanted to read the book (written byMargaret Atwood) this movie is based on ever since I’ve found it recommended on a feminist blog. I still plan on doing that despite seeing the movie; books offer so much of the details that get lost in the adaptation for the silver screen that it would be a shame if I didn’t.

The book with the same title is a dystopia. The society in the former USA had collapsed after a nuclear attack or some other nuclear catastrophe (not really made all that clear) and a bunch of fundamentalist evangelicals has taken over. There are no human rights or freedom of speech, which is particularly true for women, people of colour and other religious groups other than the fundamentalist one. I believe that all non-white people were shipped to the colonies (somewhere in the Midwest) to work on farms and to clean up the nuclear waste – basically concentration and labour camps with some slavery and racism mixed in. All political dissidents are shipped there too, if they aren’t publically executed before, that is.

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Trailer (with spoilers):

Steubenville and Rape Culture

Every now and then I read about the things people do to each other and am deeply saddened. I guess now is the time to talk about one of the most horrifying crimesrape. Especially rape done by minors to other minors, which feels to be even worse than when it is done to adults, but is really not – it’s the same.


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Song of the Week – 12

Still on the Rock of Ages binge regarding music; don’t expect me to be over my appreciation for 80’s music any time soon. :D I love this song – it’s really fun and the woman singing is one of the greatest icons of the time. ‘Love is a battlefield’ is one of my favourites of hers but I like this one too. Besides, it’s time I posted more upbeat songs. There’s been a bunch of sad ballads, if I’m not mistaken. You’ll start to believe I’m depressed.

Song of the week is:
Pat Banatar – Hit Me With Your Best Shot

TV Ramblings 09 - Call the Midwife

My last two weeks’ evenings were spent watching the amazing BBC drama Call the Midwife. It’s nothing like I’ve expected and so much more than just a simple medical drama like we’re used to. One of the reasons must be the memoirs it’s based on – Jennifer Worth’s. They are immensely popular, praised for their faithful representation of the profession and of the everyday life of a young nurse. They could hardly go wrong, I think.

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